How Your Hands Predict Your Future

By Astrologer Pankaj

Palmistry is an art and science of reading the lines on the palm of a person, a palmist could read and analyse the lines and symbols on the hand, in order to give correct prediction.

The lines on our hand can be divided in to two major lines, these are the Major and Minor Line.



Major Lines : These are Life line, Heart line and Head line.



Life Line:  People are most curious about this line on the palm, It begins from the index finger and the thumb and it continues downwards towards the base of the thumb and connected to the wrist. It reveals information about the happening in our life, relationship,health and well-being.

Heart Line:  It is also known as Love line. It indicates about the persons emotional state, it also indicates emotional and physical relationship with others. It also indicate the condition of the heart. It is located above the head line and life line.

Head Line:  It is known as line of wisdom, it reveals mental and psychological makeup, it also reveals intellectual development and intuitive abilities. It begins above the life line and between the thumb and index finger and it runs across the palm towards the edge of the palm horizontally.



Minor Lines: 



The minor lines reveals a persons talent, strength and weakness. Its meaning depends on the makings, shape, size, mount and other lines crossing over or near by the lines. Some of the common Minor Lines are marriage line,fate line,health line and Children line.

Mount:  It is the bump of flesh, on the palm, and it plays a vital role, during the palm reading. There are several mounts on our palm like Jupiter, Saturn, Mercury, Sun and etc.

Markings:  The markings are positive and negative interruption and blockages in the normal flow of palm lines. It indicates difficulties,separation,traumatic situation and health issues. Whereas some markings also provide positive influence and obstruct the bad influence of other markings. These marking lines are chains,crosses, stars,triangles, breaks etc.



Shapes of Our Hand ( using the four Element):  



Earth Hand:  Here the palm is square and fingers are short. These people are practical, hard-working,realistic in approach and dependable in relationship. These are Taurus,Virgo and Capricorn.

Air Hand:  These hands are square with long fingers. They are mentally active, restless,easily bored,love challenges and wants to expand their knowledge, logical in thought and excellent communicator and good intuitive capabilities. These are Gemini,Libra and Aquarius.

Water Hand:  The hand is rectangular and long with long fingers. These people are motivated by their feelings and emotions. Sensitive in nature and quite creative in various arts. The avoid stress, these people are Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces.

Fire Hand:  The hands are long and rectangular but with short fingers. These people are persuasive and always try to be the life of the party but extremely impatient. These people are Aries,Leo and Sagittarius.

So we could see that a Palmist has Various scope to read the lines of our palm and analyse them, in order to come to a correct prediction, moreover it is also useful for those who may not got their date of birth and other details, here a palmist could help them to know their past, present and future. Since our lines on our hand changes from time to time, so it would beneficial for us to go to Palmist and get our readings.

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Nov 17, 2017
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