How to know if you’ve found your Soul Mate or Twin Flame

January 14, 2021

Have you connected with someone on a deeper, spiritual level? Felt an intensity building that cannot be explained? You may have met your Soul Mate or Twin Flame. Both can come into your life unexpectedly and change the way you view relationships entirely. They can leave you feeling almost out of control of your feelings and actions at times, when not understood. Here are signs to help identify your connection.

There are many questions regarding Soul Mates and Twin Flames. Some can be quite common. You may ask yourself:

“What is the difference?”

“How do I know if my current partner is my Soul Mate?”

“Do Twin Flames end up together in the end?”

There are a few differences to help better decipher what you have found with your partner. A Twin Flame is thought to be our other half. One soul split into two. This person shares your feelings, vibes, energy. A Twin flame is known to mirror our actions and emotions at times, which often awakens self-growth and realization in us. This person can teach us more about who we are, what we need, and what we have to offer in a relationship. It can be hard at times to process someone who is so deeply connected to us.. someone who’s actions can test you, as you will have similar habits and imbalances. Looking at your own traits in a partner can be tough, however, a Twin Flame love can be one of the most compatible and rewarding of relationships. This person can help you not only love them but love yourself as well. Meeting your other half can help awaken some to finding their path, correcting negative lifestyle choices and helping them find purpose, bringing true balance to their life.

A Soul Mate is someone who crosses our path with the purpose of connection and compatibility. This person is truly a perfect fit for you, inside and out. A Soul Mate will help us be the best version of ourselves. While you will have your differences, you will feel balanced and complete with this person in your life. It will often feel at times as if this person was made just for you. Some who are more reserved may find an outgoing and social partner, while others may just find all of the love and support they have longed for in this person. A Soul Mate is someone we have an unbreakable connection with, one that we simply cannot deny. Our own personal journeys can lead us in different directions, causing us to relocate, disconnect for a period time, or even doubt our compatibility;  however – a Soul Mate will always return to you. A spiritual pull seems to help us gravitate back towards each other, causing our paths to cross again and again if necessary in order to connect.

Both connections are incredibly deep and spiritually rooted. When you have found a Soul Mate or a Twin Flame it is important to let things come together naturally. Try not to force these connections into fitting into your life – rather let them organically grow. What is meant for us, will simply always be for us.

Sending love and light

Advisor Candy

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