Will 2021 be your luckiest year ?

January 1, 2021

Greetings Angels!
Today we are going to talk about the luck of 2021. Will this be your luckiest year?
Are you going to accomplish your dreams? Pandemic or no pandemic we are going to talk about how to improve the luck of your new year, regardless of politics, pandemic, etc.
My name is Bella! I send out many prayers and peace to you all!
Now the spread I have out included 2 important decks, the rider tarot, and the lovers tarot.
2020 didn’t have the best of luck for many individuals love life’s, many divorces, separations, and hearts occurred due to the uncertain times we went through.
That doesn’t mean 2021 has the same future.
The cards on the outer circle are telling a story of war, battle, but also victory.
You may be going through a battle within your love life but 2021 shows good luck, prosperity, and victory throughout this.
The most important card is “balance” that is tell me that you will find BALANCE in your relationships, no more over powering each other but learning to be submissive to one another!
This card is point to the Aries, Taurus, Libra, Scorpio, and Sagittarius, some of my more stubborn signs.
These cards are telling us to stop fighting but to submit, to find balance, to achieve this goal of happiness and fulfillment within your love
Which the Ace of Cups represents, over flow of happiness, love, and peace!
Now the inner circle of cards above shares some important messages towards each zodiac sign.
ARIES: the death card doesn’t mean physical death don’t worry! Old habits are going to die soon, a part of you that brought bad luck in 2020, is going to die to bring good luck in 2021!
TAURUS: you have the 10 of swords which represent people who try to stab you in the back! These people took your luck away from you in 2020! Don’t let them in 2021! Be cautious about who you trust Taurus, your closest friend may be your worst enemy!
GEMINI: you have the queen of pentacles, a feminine mind or energy who’s trying to give you new ideas, listen to the women around you, you will take one small probably and turn it into a very big invention for a great opportunity in 2021!
CANCER: you have the 3 of swords or the stabbed heart. Connections from this year that really hurt your inner, and outer, you need to let go of! Mentally emotionally and physically, stop letting people hurt you and take charge back into your life! You have good luck if you don’t allow it!!!!
LEO: the moon reversed is letting you know that you need to start seeking for the brighter side of things in order to bring better luck it’s all in your aspect of how you treat your circumstances, people around you, and most importantly yourself!
VIRGO: ace of swords, Virgo, represents personal battle, a long journey to achieve for yourself, your family, ect. KEEP FIGHTING Virgo, don’t let the negativity around you stop you from your long wanted goals. You will share your goal luck with others around you in 2021, but only if you don’t give up no matter how tiresome you are.
LIBRA: ace pentacles represents the opportunity for a new season Libra, keep your eyes open, and heart ready for new aspects, don’t be one track minded, but open to anything, and anyone new!
SCORPIO: ace of wands, Scorpio in 2021 you will come into new decisions, new career changes, you must trust in yourself to make the right decision and don’t lean on others approval!
SAGITTARIUS: ace of cups, shows that you are going to succeeded in the financially, as well as personally, overflow of abundance to share it with others this new year. Manifest it Sag!
CAPIRCORN: you have the wheel of fortune which is a turn of events, whatever you lack will turn around for the good. Whatever negative happened this year, with turn around positive next. Don’t be afraid to spin the wheel yourself, start speaking luck, thinking luck and feeling luck!
AQUARIUS: you have the page of wands.
Someone maybe trying to help you, make a decision and Lead you down the right path, but you been stubborn to the idea of letting others help you, this maybe a father figure, or a lover, brother, or anyone with a masculine mind, listen to their guidance to bring you good luck next year. Don’t be afraid to let go of the reigns just a bit.
PISCES: You have the magician, you may be thinking or waiting for something to magically change, but Pisces, this year caused you to be lazy, and to lose your ambition. Get back out there! Seek your adventure your opportunity, and your happiness!
Thank you so much for your time beauties!
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