Love Predictions – 2021

December 30, 2020

Hello, this is Roma. 2020 has shocked many people and put a strain on many relationships. 2021 will be a lovers year. My love prediction for this upcoming year is for uniting soul connections, meaning you will find your soulmate. I foresee many hearts are ready to receive love but find themselves lost now is the time to push urself to satisfy ur love spirit & open your love chakra.  As the Universe opens so should your body mind and spirit especially to Love.

I sense many Individuals will be searching for their love as they were restricted in 2020 & have felt a great deal of loneliness are ready to release their love into this world hoping to find their soulmate and I’m here to tell u that the energies are much higher than normal so that being said is a great opportunity for all u who have been lost, lonely broken-hearted & deprived now is the time to heal those broken hearts  & find the love of your life. So stay positive stay focused on finding your soulmate   You’re time has come.

This 2021 will be magical & peaceful people opening their hearts to help one another now they will be opening their hearts searching for fulfillment  & contentment.  So prepare yourself I say this is the lovers’ year   Where lovers will connect &  bond & rebuild from 2021  and onward’s and leave their broken hearts in the past.

The Heart is the most powerful organ u have put u strength forward & take advantage of this time 2021 is giving us. So as many souls will connect even those of you who felt you lost your soulmate I  predict many hearts will reunite many hearts will go back to their true love they will finally have the courage to make that move.  So get ready to open your heart mind & body to experience love as u have never before. Good luck to all.  I look forward to hearing from all of you many blessings from my heart to yours.

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