Financial and Career Overview : What 2021 Have In Store For You

December 29, 2020

ARIES:  Over daring nature, this year can cause you some financial losses .  Although it will be a lot better to be wise with your money. Better be careful with money as your showy nature can cause some expenditure. You are very much advised not to go ahead with impulsive buy or investments especially during the first half of the year. Career-wise you may be able to get some good assignments that will boost your foreign income but again you will be too impulsive to take wrong decisions over investments. So better take any decision considering you near and dear ones.  The business will expand and some good opportunities related to job can be there especially during the second half of the year.

TAURUS:   Extremely lucky year for you all . Especially your energy levels would be high in profession and finances this year . Financially, you seem quite good and earnings and spending will stay in proportion.  Some unexpected gains in finances will be there especially from stock and share . Overall you will be in a happy space with money . However, otherwise investments will be good for you but especially investing in immovable property will be good . Career-wise you will be able to do well but may take some wrong decisions in workplace . A good promotion and enriched work profile can be expected .

GEMINI:   There will be a difficult start in finances this year. However, you may bear some unexpected losses but still be able to manage things.Debt and Repayment can be tough especially during the first half of 2021 . Any investment of any kind shall be properly scrutinized. Especially don’t go ahead with any kind of stock dealing before taking wise advice. However, you may also face some tough time with upper authorities in work place due to bad decisions. However third quarter of the year seems to be favorable at work place. However, the last months of the year will bring in some financial gains with career growth also. Still, it will be lot advised to take any decisions related to money by taking advise from near ones.

CANCER:  It will be a mixed year in terms of finances for you. However, those maintaining businesses need to take cautious decisions while expanding business to foreign lands . Tussles with  business partner over decision making can be there . Especially finances can be tight due to wrong decisions. Otherwise it will be good year to deal with a steady flow of finances . Career-wise it will be a better year those in job sectors . However any foreign settlement related to job change can be delayed . So plan things accordingly . Investment of any kind may give good results but it shall be followed by a long-term planning.

LEO:   However you may feel emotionally vulnerable but it is a good time for finances .  However your bold decisions will enhance your finances to two folds . Some unexpected financial gain will be there especially related to debt money . You can also deal with your joint finances right now, though you may fight about them too. However both short and long term investments will give you good result and you may be able to gain outstanding returns with some of them . Career wise again you will take courageous decisions especially from second quarter of 2021 which will be giving you upper hand in career and thereby making you most suitable candidate for promotions and higher positions . Overall this is a good year for you .

VIRGO: Financial flow will be good through out the year . You decision making will help you to have a good financial flow through some short term investments . Family money may also be inherited and a good time for it . However career wise you may feel some slack and insecurity during second half of the year . Career wise it will be a hallucinating time period for you . Better remain at the position you are and don’t go ahead with any further changes . Those who are thinking of starting a new venture shall avoid it this year .

LIBRA:  However financial,flow  will be mediocre in first half of 2021  but this will be a very productive and effective time  for  you .  New opportunities will knock your door related to job change or start-ups . Your rapport with your colleagues and subordinates will yield good results. You’ll be able to think more clearly and sharply, come up with some good ideas, have good conversations with people, want to talk things over, be more curious about learning something new. However, loan transactions shall be done carefully. You are advised not to go ahead with new investments

SCORPIO: You may seem more optimistic and engaging, and want to be on your own more, desiring more freedom especially in your work. You will continue working with your optimistic approach. At this time, your income may increase. This seems to be a very good year for financial gains and transactions. Overall a good year for the career but you may take some bold decisions that may prove to be harmful in career growth. Finances will be very good throughout the year and you may go ahead with good expenditure too. However, those who don’t believe in tradings and share market this year will bring in some good financial flow from these. This will be a good time period for business growth and expansion also.

SAGITTARIUS:   You may slowly uncover a new direction in your career–one that reflects more of the “true you. It’s a good period to form a partnership in business, and you could have an opportunity through a loved one. You may seem more compromising and fair and are better at negotiating and mediating. Finances will be good especially your bank balance will increase and you may also get some good family money. However, some quick decisions will also help you a lot to have a good flow of finances. Overall a good year for both career and finances. Better go ahead with good financial planning too this will certainly give good result in coming years.

CAPRICORN:   Your spendthrift nature seems to be increasing this year and you will be spending good amount of money collecting the luxuries. However, finances will be good especially from business associations and overall you will feel luck is favoring you a lot in terms of money when you are expecting things to go downhill. Overall you will also gain monetary help from a spouse too which will give you an extra boost in career planning especially those running business. The overall first half seems to be good for investments and the second half will be good to reap gains from old money. Career-wise it will be a good year for both in-service and business class.


AQUARIUS:  Foreign income will be the limelight for you. Those especially related to abroad related activities, this will be a good year for you. However financial gain will be good but over expenditure will mark this year a little tiring for you. It will be a lot better for you to have good financial planning done and act accordingly. However, both career and business-related activities will be a bit slow till the first quarter of 2021 and after this time things seem to be stable. Any career movement related to abroad settlement will be good and can be fulfilled. Prior planning is good for both finances and career.

PISCES:  Your drive will shift towards your finances, and you’ll want to increase your income somehow. This is a good time to take on a second job or try doing something on your own. However, you’ll be more prone to blowing it when you’re not paying attention. It would be wise to find work that offers you not only variety and stimulation but also the chance to invent. Finances will be very good and there will be some good income flow. However, debt-related money can get stuck so be cautious over that. It will be a good year to do some long-term investments and you will bear the excellent result of this in near future.

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