Astrological views on USA president election 2020

October 16, 2020

The General election in The USA is going to be held on November 03, 2020.

There are two incumbents, Donald Trump and Joey Biden.

According to the astrological calculation, Donald Trump is majorly influenced by the Sun, Venus, and Saturn planets. With special forces, Trump is stable in the presidency and is also completing his four-year term.

According to Joey Biden’s natal chart, Jupiter will be transiting in Sagittarius and Mars will be in Pisces, due to that he has a very strong chance of getting support and appreciation from the public. Another important point is that in his chart, Saturn placement in Capricorn also indicates his strong position in his party and it makes him a strong candidate to get the president position.

If we compare both contender’s planetary positions, Trump has only Saturn support and in his chart but Sun and Venus are debilitated, which indicates that the public may put up a question mark on his decision making and steps which he took in the past. Whereas according to Biden’s planetary alignment, Jupiter is in a very strong position, Mars planet is favoring him, and Saturn planet also giving its positive impact which clearly shows that these combinations of planets and their positions are giving strength to the belief that Biden has a very high chance to be the next President.

As per the astrological study, in the coming future, Biden has the potential to take the country on new heights by using his experience and abilities. There is a very high possibility in the future that his administration will take America towards new achievements according to their ability and ability to govern and in their reign a favorable belief in the people and an attachment to the government. Conditions will be formed.

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